silurid [si-loo r-id, sahy-] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any of numerous Old World freshwater fishes of the family Siluridae, comprising the catfishes.


  1. belonging or pertaining to the family Siluridae.

Origin of silurid 1890–95; New Latin Siluridae name of the family, equivalent to Silur(us) genus name (Latin silūrus a kind of fish Greek sílouros) + -idae -id2 Examples from the Web for silurid Historical Examples of silurid

  • Unlike the sunfishes and darters are the catfishes, composing a great family, the Silurid.

    Elementary Zoology, Second Edition

    Vernon L. Kellogg

  • Next to these are placed another extensive fresh-water family, that of the catfishes (Silurid).

    Zoology: The Science of Animal Life

    Ernest Ingersoll

  • British Dictionary definitions for silurid silurid noun

    1. any freshwater teleost fish of the Eurasian family Siluridae, including catfish, such as Silurus glanis (European catfish), that have an elongated body, naked skin, and a long anal fin


    1. of, relating to, or belonging to the family Siluridae

    Word Origin for silurid C19: from Latin silūrus, from Greek silouros a river fish

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