silver iodide

silver iodide

silver iodide Word Origin noun Chemistry.

  1. a pale-yellow, water-insoluble solid, AgI, which darkens on exposure to light: used chiefly in medicine, photography, and artificial rainmaking.

Origin of silver iodide First recorded in 1905–10 British Dictionary definitions for silver iodide silver iodide noun

  1. a yellow insoluble powder that darkens on exposure to light: used in photography and artificial rainmaking. Formula: AgI

silver iodide in Medicine silver iodide n.

  1. A pale yellow, odorless, tasteless powder that darkens when exposed to light and that is used as an antiseptic.

silver iodide in Science silver iodide

  1. A pale-yellow, odorless powder that darkens when it is exposed to light. It is used in photography, as an antiseptic in medicine, and in cloud seeding. Chemical formula: AgI.

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