silvern [sil-vern] ExamplesWord Origin adjective Archaic.

  1. made of or like silver.

Origin of silvern before 900; Middle English silver(e)n, selvern, Old English seolfren, seolfern. See silver, -en2 Examples from the Web for silvern Historical Examples of silvern

  • No stone nor brick was seen except in this silvern frosty color.

    The Singing Mouse Stories

    Emerson Hough

  • Clear, frail and silvern the words fell from Mireille’s lips.

    The Outrage

    Annie Vivanti

  • Much the same as the English ‘Speech is silvern, silence is golden.’

    English As We Speak It in Ireland

    P. W. Joyce

  • There’s an auld sayin’ that speech is silvern, but silence is gowden.

    Wilson’s Tales of the Borders and of Scotland Volume 21

    Alexander Leighton

  • Black against the silvern patch, I saw him emerge—and look up.

    The Devil Doctor

    Sax Rohmer

  • British Dictionary definitions for silvern silvern adjective

    1. archaic, or poetic silver

    Word Origin and History for silvern adj.

    Middle English silveren, from Old English seolfren “made of silver;” see silver (n.) + -en (2). Cf. German silbern, Dutch zilveren. Fallen from use in English except in poetry.

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