stacked [stakt] ExamplesWord Origin adjective Slang.

  1. (of a woman) having a voluptuous figure.

Origin of stacked 1940–45; stack (v.) + -ed2 Related formsun·stacked, adjectivewell-stacked, adjective Examples from the Web for well-stacked Historical Examples of well-stacked

  • He would get up on cold nights and prowl around, helping himself from the well-stacked piles.

    The Quiver, Annual Volume 10/1899


  • British Dictionary definitions for well-stacked well-stacked adjective (well stacked when postpositive)

    1. British slang (of a woman) of voluptuous proportions

    stacked adjective

    1. slang a variant of well-stacked

    Word Origin and History for well-stacked stacked adj.

    of women’s bodies, “well-built in a sexual sense,” 1942, past participle adjective from stack (v.).

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