noun, plural ta·bles d’hôte [tah-buh lz doht, tabuh lz; French tabluh doht] /ˈtɑ bəlz ˈdoʊt, ˈtæb əlz; French tablə ˈdoʊt/.

  1. a meal of preselected courses served at a fixed time and price to the guests at a hotel or restaurant.


  1. (of a meal) consisting of a set number of courses with limited choice of dishes offered at a fixed priceCompare à la carte, prix fixe

noun plural tables d’hôte (ˈtɑːbəlz ˈdəʊt, French tablə dot)

  1. a table d’hôte meal or menu

n.“common table for guests at a hotel,” French, table-d’hôte, literally “table of the host.”

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