1. baked or cooked in a tandoor: tandoori chicken.


  1. a plural of tandoor.

noun, plural tan·doors, tan·door·i [tahn-doo r-ee] /tɑnˈdʊər i/. Indian Cookery.

  1. a cylindrical clay oven, fired to a high heat by wood or charcoal, in which foods, especially meats, are cooked and bread is baked.


    1. an Indian method of cooking meat or vegetables on a spit in a clay oven
    2. (as modifier)tandoori chicken

n.type of Indian cooking, 1958, from adjectival form of Urdu or Punjabi tandur “cooking stove,” from Turkish tandur, from Turkish pronunciation of Arabic and Persian tannur “oven, portable furnace,” of Semitic origin. n.1660s, from Turkish pronunciation of Persian and Arabic tannur “oven, portable furnace” (see tandoori).

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