1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a two-way teletypewriter service channeled through a public telecommunications system for instantaneous, direct communication between subscribers at remote locations.
  2. a teletypewriter used to send or receive on such a service.
  3. a message transmitted by telex.

verb (used with object)

  1. to send (a message) by telex: We telex instructions to the agent.
  2. to send a message by telex to: They telexed the Paris office.


  1. an international telegraph service in which teleprinters are rented out to subscribers for the purpose of direct communication
  2. a teleprinter used in such a service
  3. a message transmitted or received by telex


  1. to transmit (a message) to (a person, office, etc) by telex

1932, “a communication system of teletypewriters,” from tel(etype) ex(change).

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