1. James FrancisJim, 1888–1953, U.S. track-and-field athlete and football and baseball player.

noun Archaic.

  1. a hamlet; village.


  1. Ian . born 1982, Australian swimmer; won three gold medals at the 2000 Olympic Games, six gold medals at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and two gold medals at the 2004 Olympic Games.
  2. James Francis. 1888–1953, American football player and athlete: Olympic pentathlon and decathlon champion (1912)
  3. Jeremy. born 1929, British politician; leader of the Liberal party (1967–76)

noun (in place names)

  1. a small village

n.Old English ðorp “village, hamlet, farm, estate,” reinforced by Old Norse ðorp, both from Proto-Germanic *thurpa- (cf. Old Frisian thorp, Frisian terp, Middle Dutch, Dutch dorp, German dorf “village,” Gothic þaurp “estate, land, field”), probably from PIE root *treb- “dwelling.” Preserved in place names ending in -thorp, -thrup.

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