1. a book, especially a very heavy, large, or learned book.
  2. a volume forming a part of a larger work.

  1. a combining form with the meanings “cutting instrument” (microtome; osteotome), “segment, somite” (sclerotome), used in the formation of compound words.


  1. a large weighty book
  2. one of the several volumes of a work

n combining form

  1. indicating an instrument for cuttingosteotome

1510s, from Middle French tome, from Latin tomus “section of a book, tome,” from Greek tomos “volume, section of a book,” originally “section, piece cut off,” from temnein “to cut,” from PIE *tom-/*tem- “to cut” (cf. second element in Latin aestimare “to value, appraise,” Old Church Slavonic tina “to cleave, split,” Middle Irish tamnaim “I cut off,” Welsh tam “morsel”). Originally “a single volume of a multi-volume work;” sense of “a large book” is attested from 1570s.


  1. Part; area; segment:dermatome.
  2. Cutting instrument:microtome.

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