noun, plural tor·sos, tor·si [tawr-see] /ˈtɔr si/.

  1. the trunk of the human body.
  2. a sculptured form representing the trunk of a nude female or male figure.
  3. something mutilated or incomplete.

noun plural -sos or -si (-sɪ)

  1. the trunk of the human body
  2. a statue of a nude human trunk, esp without the head or limbs
  3. something regarded as incomplete or truncated

1797, from Italian torso “trunk of a statue,” originally “stalk, stump,” from Vulgar Latin *tursus, from Latin thyrsus “stalk, stem,” from Greek thyrsos (see thyrsus).

n. pl. tor•sos

  1. The human body excluding the head and limbs; trunk.

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