noun, plural tour·ne·dos [too r-ni-dohz, too r-ni-dohz; French toor-nuhdoh] /ˈtʊər nɪˌdoʊz, ˌtʊər nɪˈdoʊz; French tur nəˈdoʊ/.

  1. small slices of fillet of beef, round and thick, served with a variety of sauces and garnished.

noun plural -dos (-ˌdəʊz)

  1. a thick round steak of beef cut from the fillet or undercut of sirloin

fillet of steak dish, 1877, from French, from tourner “to turn” (see turn (v.)) + dos “back.” According to French etymologists, “so called because the dish is traditionally not placed on the table but is passed behind the backs of the guests” [OED]. But there are other theories.

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