tranche [trahnch, trahnsh; French trahnsh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Finance.
    1. one part or division of a larger unit, as of an asset pool or investment: The loan will be repaid in three tranches.
    2. a group of securities that share a certain characteristic and form part of a larger offering: The second tranche of the bond issue has a five-year maturity.
  2. any part, division, or installment: We’ve hired the first tranche of researchers.

verb (used with object), tranched, tranch·ing.

  1. Finance. to divide into parts: tranched debt; A credit portfolio can be tranched into a variety of components that are then further subdivided.

Origin of tranche 1930–35; French: literally, ‘a slice’ Old French, trenchier, trancher ‘to cut’; see trench Examples from the Web for tranche Contemporary Examples of tranche

  • The oligarch tried to clarify things on his Facebook page: “The first $10,000 tranche is finished,” he said.

    Ukraine’s Billionaire Bounty-Hunting Club

    Oleg Shynkarenko

    April 19, 2014

  • The tranche was recently acquired by the Harry Ransom Center, where I work.

    Letter Writing in the Digital Age: Emails and Correspondence of Russell Banks & Others

    Megan Barnard

    October 11, 2012

  • Historical Examples of tranche

  • From the word “Tranche” it might be supposed that it was a relic of the Great War.

    Verdun Argonne-Metz 1914-1918


  • The ‘chose vue,’ the ‘tranche de la vie’—this was the thing to aim at.

    And Even Now

    Max Beerbohm

  • The first tranche is available to any country, which demonstrates efforts to overcome its BOP problems.

    After the Rain

    Sam Vaknin

  • A country can draw no more than 25% of its quota in the first tranche of a loan that it receives from the IMF.

    After the Rain

    Sam Vaknin

  • The front cut the “tranche de Calonne” a little to the south-west of Saint-Rmy.

    Verdun Argonne-Metz 1914-1918


  • British Dictionary definitions for tranche tranche noun

    1. a portion or instalment, esp of a loan or share issue

    Word Origin for tranche from French, literally: a slice Word Origin and History for tranche n.

    c.1500, from French tranche, from trancher, trencher “to cut” (see trench). Economic sense is from 1930.

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