transduction [trans-duhk-shuh n, tranz-] Word Origin noun Genetics.

  1. the transfer of genetic material from one cell to another by means of a virus.

Origin of transduction 1952; trans- + -duction, as in induction, production, etc.Related formstrans·duc·tant [trans-duhk-tuh nt, tranz-] /trænsˈdʌk tənt, trænz-/, nountrans·duc·tion·al, adjective British Dictionary definitions for transductant transduction noun

  1. genetics the transfer by a bacteriophage of genetic material from one bacterium to another

Word Origin for transduction C17: from Latin transductiō, variant of trāductiō a leading along, from trādūcere to lead over; see traduce Word Origin and History for transductant transduction n.

1650s, from Latin transductionem, noun of action from transducere/traducere (see traduce).

transductant in Medicine transduction [trăns-dŭk′shən, trănz-] n.

  1. Transfer of genetic material or characteristics from one bacterial cell to another by a bacteriophage or plasmid.

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