transfinite [trans-fahy-nahyt] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. going beyond or surpassing the finite.


  1. transfinite number.

Origin of transfinite First recorded in 1900–05; trans- + finite Examples from the Web for transfinite Historical Examples of transfinite

  • Diversity is finite although it may be admitted to be transfinite, or greater than any assignable value.

    The Mystery of Space

    Robert T. Browne

  • Yet it is transfinite in the sense that it transcends the comprehension of finite minds or processes.

    The Mystery of Space

    Robert T. Browne

  • And he has occupied himself in comparing these transfinite cardinal numbers.

    The Foundations of Science: Science and Hypothesis, The Value of Science, Science and Method

    Henri Poincar

  • Operational instructions, too, were transmitted and were acted upon with thought’s transfinite speed.

    Masters of Space

    Edward Elmer Smith

  • “Cantorism” means the theory of transfinite aggregates and numbers erected for the most part by Georg Cantor.

    The philosophy of B*rtr*nd R*ss*ll


  • British Dictionary definitions for transfinite transfinite adjective

    1. extending beyond the finite

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