transformation [trans-fer-mey-shuh n] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for transformation on noun

  1. the act or process of transforming.
  2. the state of being transformed.
  3. change in form, appearance, nature, or character.
  4. Theater. a seemingly miraculous change in the appearance of scenery or actors in view of the audience.
  5. Logic. Also called transform. one of a set of algebraic formulas used to express the relations between elements, sets, etc., that form parts of a given system.
  6. Mathematics.
    1. the act, process, or result of transforming or mapping.
    2. function(def 4a).
  7. Linguistics.
    1. transformational rule.
    2. the process by which deep structures are converted into surface structures using transformational rules.
  8. Genetics. the transfer of genetic material from one cell to another resulting in a genetic change in the recipient cell.
  9. a wig or hairpiece for a woman.

Origin of transformation 1400–50; late Middle English Late Latin trānsfōrmātiōn- (stem of trānsfōrmātiō) change of shape. See trans-, formation Related formstrans·for·ma·tion·al, adjectivenon·trans·for·ma·tion, nounre·trans·for·ma·tion, nounself-trans·for·ma·tion, noun Related Words for transformation shift, conversion, revolution, metamorphosis, renewal, about-face, transfiguration, alteration, switch, flip-flop, transmogrification, changeover, transmutation Examples from the Web for transformation Contemporary Examples of transformation

  • And much of the credit to her transformation is owed to a finishing school that caters to women just like her.

    Inside A Finishing School for Transwomen

    Sharon Adarlo

    December 27, 2014

  • The Transformation Journey How did this transformation happen?

    The Science of Ingredient Innovation

    December 15, 2014

  • It is a transformation that is undetectable to anyone not paying close attention.

    Cornel West’s Disappointing Decline

    David Masciotra

    October 23, 2014

  • Instead, we see there is a painfully innocent happiness to Rene about her spiritual “transformation.”

    Mississippi Is Hell for These Lesbians

    Emily Shire

    August 8, 2014

  • That transformation of the brand seems now to have its apotheosis in the arrival of the Tour de France.

    A British Start to the Tour de France Forces the English to Wonder: What Does Being English Mean Anymore?

    Clive Irving

    July 6, 2014

  • Historical Examples of transformation

  • Mr. Roberts, at least, was prepared to appreciate its transformation.

    Ester Ried Yet Speaking

    Isabella Alden

  • But you are so lost in your news that you have not observed my transformation.’

    Micah Clarke

    Arthur Conan Doyle

  • So far as the man’s head and face went, the transformation was perfect.

    Henry Dunbar

    M. E. Braddon

  • Davenport had a letter from you before he—before any transformation could have begun.

    The Mystery of Murray Davenport

    Robert Neilson Stephens

  • One touch with a sword of state, and the transformation was effected.

    Barnaby Rudge

    Charles Dickens

  • British Dictionary definitions for transformation transformation noun

    1. a change or alteration, esp a radical one
    2. the act of transforming or the state of being transformed
    3. maths
      1. a change in position or direction of the reference axes in a coordinate system without an alteration in their relative angle
      2. an equivalent change in an expression or equation resulting from the substitution of one set of variables by another
    4. physics a change in an atomic nucleus to a different nuclide as the result of the emission of either an alpha-particle or a beta-particleCompare transition (def. 5)
    5. linguistics another word for transformational rule
    6. an apparently miraculous change in the appearance of a stage set
    7. (in South Africa) a national strategy aimed at attaining national unity, promoting reconciliation through negotiated settlement and non-racism

    Derived Formstransformational, adjective Word Origin and History for transformation n.

    c.1400, from Old French transformation and directly from Latin transformationem (nominative transformatio), noun of action from past participle stem of transformare (see transform).

    transformation in Medicine transformation [trăns′fər-mā′shən] n.

    1. metamorphosis
    2. The genetic alteration of a bacterial cell by introduction of DNA from another cell or from a virus.

    transformation in Science transformation [trăns′fər-mā′shən]

    1. The genetic alteration of a bacteria cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell or from a virus. Plasmids, which contain extrachromosomal DNA, are used to transform bacteria in recombinant DNA research.
    2. The change undergone by an animal cell upon infection by a cancer-causing virus.

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