transilient [tran-sil-ee-uh nt, -sil-yuh nt] Word Origin adjective

  1. leaping or passing from one thing or state to another.

Origin of transilient 1805–15; Latin trānsilient- (stem of trānsiliēns), present participle of trānsilīre to leap across, equivalent to trāns- trans- + -sili- (combining form of salīre to leap) + -ent- -ent Related formstran·sil·i·ence, noun British Dictionary definitions for transilient transilient adjective

  1. passing quickly from one thing to another

Derived Formstransilience, nounWord Origin for transilient C19: from Latin transilīre to jump over, from trans- + salīre to leap transilient in Medicine transilient [trăn-sĭl′yənt, -zĭl′-] adj.

  1. Jumping across; passing over. Used especially of the cortical association fibers in the brain that pass between nonadjacent convolutions.

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