Trasimene noun

  1. Lake Trasimene a lake in central Italy, in Umbria: the largest lake in central Italy; scene of Hannibal’s victory over the Romans in 217 bc . Area: 128 sq km (49 sq miles)Also known as: Lake Perugia Italian name: Lago Trasimeno

Examples from the Web for trasimene Historical Examples of trasimene

  • Fucina has been dried up as a speculation, and Trasimene is threatened.

    Critical Studies


  • It commands wide views northwards over the lakes of Chiusi and of Trasimene, and southwards towards Rome.

    The Story of Perugia

    Margaret Symonds

  • Lasche—a small fish corresponding to our dace, and abundant in the Lake of Trasimene.

    The Story of Perugia

    Margaret Symonds

  • The third thunderbolt of Hannibal fell at the Trasimene lake, when Flaminius was commander.

    The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 2


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