traumatize [trou-muh-tahyz, traw-] Word Origin verb (used with object), trau·ma·tized, trau·ma·tiz·ing.

  1. Pathology. to injure (tissues) by force or by thermal, chemical, etc., agents.
  2. Psychiatry. to cause a trauma in (the mind): to be traumatized by a childhood experience.

Also especially British, trau·ma·tise. Origin of traumatize First recorded in 1900–05, traumatize is from the Greek word traumatízein to wound. See traumatic, -ize Related formstrau·ma·ti·za·tion, nounun·trau·ma·tized, adjective British Dictionary definitions for traumatise traumatize traumatise verb

  1. (tr) to wound or injure (the body)
  2. to subject or be subjected to mental trauma

Derived Formstraumatization or traumatisation, noun Word Origin and History for traumatise v.

chiefly British English spelling of traumatize; for suffix, see -ize. Related: Traumatised; traumatising.

traumatize v.

1903, of physical wounds; 1949 in the psychological sense, from Greek traumat-, stem of trauma (see trauma).

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