travelled [trav-uh ld] Examples See more synonyms for travelled on adjective Chiefly British.

  1. traveled.

Related formswell-trav·elled, adjective Related Words for well-travelled worldly, urbane, cultured, metropolitan, sophisticated, catholic, universal, smooth, public, ecumenical, global, gregarious, planetary, polished, worldwide, cultivated, well-travelled Examples from the Web for well-travelled Historical Examples of well-travelled

  • To go in at one end of a well-travelled road and not to come out in the regular and expected way at the other!

    Great Possessions

    David Grayson

  • On well-travelled trails one often sees, at the tops of high hills, piles of stones, which have been built up during many years.

    The Tinguian

    Fay-Cooper Cole

  • This was well-travelled and hard, and he needed to take no further thought about picking his way; the horse attended to that.

    The Woman from Outside

    Hulbert Footner

  • Unconsciously, too, she had taken the road to the river,—the broad and well-travelled route of the Parisian unfortunate.

    Mlle. Fouchette

    Charles Theodore Murray

  • This old man had once had artistic tendencies, had tried his hand at various things, and was well-read and well-travelled.

    Heart and Soul

    Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-travelled well-travelled adjective (well travelled when postpositive)

    1. having travelled far and wide

    travelled US traveled adjective

    1. having experienced or undergone much travellinga travelled urbane epicure

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