trencherman [tren-cher-muh n] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural trench·er·men.

  1. a person who has a hearty appetite; a heavy eater.
  2. Archaic. a hanger-on; parasite.

Origin of trencherman First recorded in 1580–90; trencher + -man Examples from the Web for trencherman Historical Examples of trencherman

  • Not a mouse is stirring:—the old Trencherman is as still as his bowl.

    Rob of the Bowl, Vol. I (of 2)

    John P. Kennedy

  • Alfred, as a trencherman, was no degenerate son of such a sire.

    The Soul of Susan Yellam

    Horace Annesley Vachell

  • Jimmy surpassed himself, and great was the admiration expressed for his ability as a trencherman.

    The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice

    Allen Chapman

  • Taking him all round, the German as a trencherman stands pre-eminent among the nations of the earth.

    Three Men on the Bummel

    Jerome K. Jerome

  • His prowess as a trencherman aroused the admiration and respect of Fernolia, who waited on table.

    A Woman Named Smith

    Marie Conway Oemler

  • British Dictionary definitions for trencherman trencherman noun plural -men

    1. a person who enjoys food; hearty eater
    2. archaic a person who sponges on others; parasite

    Word Origin for trencherman C16: from trencher 1 + man

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