unbitted [uhn-bit-id] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. not bitted or bridled.
  2. not controlled.

Origin of unbitted 1580–90; un-1 + bitted Examples from the Web for unbitted Historical Examples of unbitted

  • So much the worse for the ship, for her cable can be unbitted, as well as the schooner’s.

    Down the Rhine

    Oliver Optic

  • Like an unbitted horse, all restraint shaken off, she ran free toward the ocean as to her pasture-land.

    Moran of the Lady Letty

    Frank Norris

  • She held her head high, and capered like an unbitted yearling fresh off the first spring pastures.


    S. R. Crockett

  • The latter were unbitted and feeding, when the whole of the enemy’s cavalry made their appearance.

    The Life of Francis Marion

    William Gilmore Simms

  • “It’s easy—for him,” commented Brand Williams, discussing Collie’s almost uncanny quelling of a vicious, unbitted mustang.

    Overland Red

    Henry Herbert Knibbs

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