verb (used with object), un·hinged, un·hing·ing.

  1. to remove (a door or the like) from hinges.
  2. to open wide by or as if by removing supporting hinges: to unhinge one’s jaws.
  3. to upset; unbalance; disorient; throw into confusion or turmoil: to unhinge the mind.
  4. to dislocate or disrupt the normal operation of; unsettle: to unhinge plans.
  5. to detach or separate from something.
  6. to cause to waver or vacillate: to unhinge supporters of conservative policies.

verb (tr)

  1. to remove (a door, gate, etc) from its hinges
  2. to derange or unbalance (a person, his mind, etc)
  3. to disrupt or unsettle (a process or state of affairs)
  4. (usually foll by from) to detach or dislodge

v.recorded earlier in the mental sense of “to disorder” the mind, etc. (1612) than in the literal one of “to take (a door, etc.) off its hinges” (1616); from un- (2) + hinge (v.). Related: Unhinged; unhinging.

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