1. not made.
  2. Falconry. unmanned(def 2).

verb (used with object), un·made, un·mak·ing.

  1. to cause to be as if never made; reduce to the original elements or condition; undo; destroy.
  2. to depose from office or authority; demote in rank.
  3. to change the essential point of (a book, play, etc.).
  4. to alter the opinion of (one’s mind).
  5. to change or alter the character of.


  1. the past tense and past participle of unmake


  1. not yet made
  2. existing without having been made or created
  3. falconry another word for unmanned (def. 4)

verb -makes, -making or -made (tr)

  1. to undo or destroy
  2. to depose from office, rank, or authority
  3. to alter the nature of

adj.mid-13c., “not yet made,” from un- (1) “not” + past participle of make. Unmake “to reduce to an unmade condition” is recorded from early 15c. (cf. Middle Dutch ontmaken, German entmachen); figurative sense of “to ruin” is recorded from c.1600.

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