1. not sealed; not stamped or marked with a seal: unsealed cargo.
  2. not shut or closed with or as if with a seal: an unsealed letter; an unsealed crate.
  3. not verified, certain, or confirmed: His fate was still unsealed.

verb (used with object)

  1. to break or remove the seal of; open, as something sealed or firmly closed: to unseal a letter; to unseal a tomb.
  2. to free from constraint, as a person’s thought, speech, or behavior: Their friendship unsealed her vivacity.


  1. not sealed
  2. Australian and NZ (of a road) surfaced with road metal not bound by bitumen or other sealant

verb (tr)

  1. to remove or break the seal of
  2. to reveal or free (something concealed or closed as if sealed)to unseal one’s lips

v.early 15c., from un- (2) + seal (v.). Cf. Middle Dutch ontsegelen, Old High German intsigilan. Related: Unsealed (late 14c.).

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