verb (used with object), un·stopped, un·stop·ping.

  1. to remove the stopper from: to unstop a bottle.
  2. to free from any obstruction; open: to unstop a sewer.
  3. to draw out the stops of (an organ).


  1. not obstructed or stopped up
  2. phonetics denoting a speech sound for whose articulation the closure is not complete, as in the pronunciation of a vowel, fricative, or continuant
  3. prosody (of verse) having the sense of the line carried over into the next
  4. (of an organ pipe or a string on a musical instrument) not stopped

verb -stops, -stopping or -stopped (tr)

  1. to remove the stop or stopper from
  2. to free from any stoppage or obstruction; open
  3. to draw out the stops on (an organ)

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