1. (especially of a garment) not zipped or zipped up; with the zipper unfastened.
  2. Slang.
    1. crazy; demented.
    2. overwrought; hysterical.

adjective Informal.

  1. uncoded(def 2).

verb (used with object), un·zipped, un·zip·ping.

  1. to open the zipper of.

verb (used without object), un·zipped, un·zip·ping.

  1. to become unzipped.

verb -zips, -zipping or -zipped

  1. to unfasten the zip of (a garment) or (of a zip or garment with a zip) to become unfastenedher skirt unzipped as she sat down
  2. (tr) computing to decompress (a file) that had previously been zipped

v.1939, from un- (2) + zip (v.). Related: Unzipped; unzipping.

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