upwards of

upwards of

adverb Also up·wards.

  1. toward a higher place or position: The birds flew upward.
  2. toward a higher or more distinguished condition, rank, level, etc.: His employer wishes to move him upward in the company.
  3. to a greater degree; more: fourscore and upward.
  4. toward a large city, the source or origin of a stream, or the interior of a country or region: They followed the Thames River upward from the North Sea to London.
  5. in the upper parts; above.


  1. moving or tending upward; directed at or situated in a higher place or position.
  1. upwards of, more than; above: My vacation cost me upwards of a thousand dollars.


  1. directed or moving towards a higher point or level


  1. a variant of upwards

Old English upweard, upweardes; see up + -ward. Cf. Middle Low German upwart, Middle Dutch opwaert, Middle High German ufwart. Phrase upward mobility first recorded 1949; mainly restricted to sociologists’ jargon until 1960s.

Also, upward of. More than, in excess of, as in Upwards of 30,000 spectators filled the ballpark. [c. 1600]

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