Urey [yoo r-ee] noun

  1. Harold Clay·ton [kleyt-n] /ˈkleɪt n/, 1893–1981, U.S. chemist: Nobel prize 1934.

British Dictionary definitions for urey Urey noun

  1. Harold Clayton. 1893–1981, US chemist, who discovered the heavy isotope of hydrogen, deuterium (1932), and worked on methods of separating uranium isotopes: Nobel prize for chemistry 1934

urey in Science Urey [yur′ē]Harold Clayton 1893-1981

  1. American chemist who is best known for his discovery of deuterium (or heavy hydrogen) in 1932, for which he was awarded the 1934 Nobel Prize for chemistry. He also developed theories on the formation of the planets and on the synthesis of organic compounds in the Earth’s primitive atmosphere.

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