urgency [ur-juh n-see] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural ur·gen·cies.

  1. urgent character; imperativeness; insistence; importunateness.
  2. urgencies, urgent requirements or needs.

Origin of urgency 1530–40; Late Latin urgentia pressure; see urgent, -ency Related formssu·per·ur·gen·cy, noun Related Words for urgencies seriousness, importance, pressure, necessity, desperation, need, pressing, exigency, insistence, stress, imminence, incitement, criticality, instancy, importunity Examples from the Web for urgencies Historical Examples of urgencies

  • I wish, indeed, our own were equally alive to the urgencies of the age.

    Cyrus W. Field; his Life and Work

    Isabella Field Judson

  • My languors were suspended by the urgencies of this occasion.

    Arthur Mervyn

    Charles Brockden Brown

  • Till now my mind had been swayed by the urgencies of this occasion.

    Edgar Huntley

    Charles Brockden Brown

  • The urgencies of an early ideal are still upon him, and he will never count himself to have attained.

    Charles Lewis Cocke

    William Robert Lee Smith

  • Have I, in these latter years, given form and substance and a name to things as vague in themselves as the urgencies of instinct?

    The Passionate Friends

    Herbert George Wells

  • Word Origin and History for urgencies urgency n.

    1530s; see urgent + -cy.

    urgencies in Medicine urgency [ûr′jən-sē] n.

    1. A strong desire to urinate, accompanied by a fear of leakage.

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