uropygium [yoo r-uh-pij-ee-uh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun Ornithology.

  1. the projecting terminal portion of a bird’s body, from which the tail feathers spring.

Origin of uropygium 1805–15; New Latin Greek ouropȳ́gion, variant (with ouro- uro-2) of orropȳ́gion, equivalent to orro-, combining form of órros sacral bone + pȳg(ḗ) rump, buttocks + -ion diminutive suffix Examples from the Web for uropygium Historical Examples of uropygium

  • In some of the families the uropygium is recorded as small in suspiciously close to 25 per cent of the offspring.

    Inheritance of Characteristics in Domestic Fowl

    Charles Benedict Davenport

  • Seaside Sparrows have a mid-dorsal row of downs in the dorsal tract near the uropygium.

    Comparative Breeding Behavior of Ammospiza caudacuta and A. maritima

    Glen E. Woolfenden

  • The uropygium also, which in the European bird is entirely white, is in our specimen partially variegated with black.

    Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia] [Volume 2 of 2]

    Phillip Parker King

  • The tail length, however, is measured from the base of the uropygium to the tip of the longest pair of rectrices.

    The Subspecies of the Mountain Chickadee

    Joseph Grinnell

  • Uropygium: the ovipositor when it is a mere extension of the abdominal segments.

    Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology

    John. B. Smith

  • British Dictionary definitions for uropygium uropygium noun

    1. the hindmost part of a bird’s body, from which the tail feathers grow

    Derived Formsuropygial, adjectiveWord Origin for uropygium C19: via New Latin from Greek ouropugion, from uro- ² + pugē rump

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