Ursprache [oo r-shprah-khuh; German oor-shprah-khuh] Word Origin noun

  1. a hypothetically reconstructed parent language, as Proto-Germanic, the ancestor of the Germanic languages.

Origin of Ursprache German, equivalent to ur- ur-3 + Sprache speech British Dictionary definitions for ursprache Ursprache noun

  1. any hypothetical extinct and unrecorded language reconstructed from groups of related recorded languages. For example, Germanic is an Ursprache reconstructed by comparison of English, Dutch, German, the Scandinavian languages, and Gothic; Indo-European is an Ursprache reconstructed by comparison of the Germanic group, Latin, Sanskrit, etc

Word Origin for Ursprache from ur- primeval, original + Sprache language Word Origin and History for ursprache n.

1908, from German Ursprache, from ur- (see ur-) + sprache “speech” (see speech).

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