urus [yoo r-uh s] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural u·rus·es.

  1. the aurochs.

Origin of urus 1595–1605; Latin ūrus a kind of wild ox (cognate with Greek oûros) Germanic; compare Old English, Old High German ūr, Old Norse ūrr Examples from the Web for urus Historical Examples of urus

  • The asp was worshipped by the Egyptians under the name of urus.

    History Of Egypt, Chalda, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 1 (of 12)

    G. Maspero

  • It is thought by some that the Chillingham cattle are descendants of the urus.

    The Tree-Dwellers

    Katharine Elizabeth Dopp

  • For information concerning the wild cattle, see The Urus, p. 145.

    The Tree-Dwellers

    Katharine Elizabeth Dopp

  • The gigantic, unwieldy ox, the Urus of Caesar, has been extinct since Roman times.

    Gospel Philosophy

    J. H. Ward

  • Some confusion has arisen as to the description and the names of the Urus and the Bison.

    Notes on the Fenland

    T. McKenny Huges

  • British Dictionary definitions for urus urus noun plural uruses

    1. another name for the aurochs

    Word Origin for urus C17: from ūrus, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German ūr, Old Norse urr, Greek ouros aurochs

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