Utica [yoo-ti-kuh] Examples noun

  1. an ancient city on the N coast of Africa, NW of Carthage.
  2. a city in central New York, on the Mohawk River.

Examples from the Web for utica Contemporary Examples of utica

  • Loads of reporters were in Utica, New York following Hillary around in 1999.

    Jack Germond and the Old Days

    Michael Tomasky

    August 14, 2013

  • Historical Examples of utica

  • Some events of deep interest occurred while he was in Utica.

    Cleveland Past and Present

    Maurice Joblin

  • One of the roads entering into the consolidation was the Utica and Schenectady.

    The Railroad Question

    William Larrabee

  • In Africa, we know, they founded the colonies of Utica and Carthage.

    The Book of Khalid

    Ameen Rihani

  • I went to Utica, and then turned north as far as Albany, but I lost him.

    One Of Them

    Charles James Lever

  • The proportions used in the Utica cement concrete were 1-2½-2½.

    Concrete Construction

    Halbert P. Gillette

  • British Dictionary definitions for utica Utica noun

    1. an ancient city on the N coast of Africa, northwest of Carthage

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