noun, plural va·can·cies.

  1. the state of being vacant; emptiness.
  2. a vacant, empty, or unoccupied place, as untenanted lodgings or offices: This building still has no vacancies.
  3. a gap; opening; breach.
  4. an unoccupied position or office: a vacancy on the Supreme Court.
  5. lack of thought or intelligence; vacuity: a look of utter vacancy.
  6. Crystallography. (in a crystal) an imperfection resulting from an unoccupied lattice position.Compare interstitial(def 3).
  7. Archaic. absence of activity; idleness.

noun plural -cies

  1. the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness
  2. an unoccupied post or officewe have a vacancy in the accounts department
  3. an unoccupied room in a boarding house, hotel, etcput the “No Vacancies” sign in the window
  4. lack of thought or intelligent awareness; inanityan expression of vacancy on one’s face
  5. physics a defect in a crystalline solid caused by the absence of an atom, ion, or molecule from its position in the crystal lattice
  6. obsolete idleness or a period spent in idleness

c.1600, “state of being vacant,” from Late Latin vacantia, from vacans (see vacant). Meaning “available room at a hotel” is recorded from 1953. Related: Vacancies.

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