verb (used with object), va·por·ized, va·por·iz·ing.

  1. to cause to change into vapor.

verb (used without object), va·por·ized, va·por·iz·ing.

  1. to become converted into vapor.
  2. to indulge in boastful talk; speak braggingly.


  1. to change or cause to change into vapour or into the gaseous state
  2. to evaporate or disappear or cause to evaporate or disappear, esp suddenly
  3. to destroy or be destroyed by being turned into a gas as a result of extreme heat (for example, generated by a nuclear explosion)

1630s, from vapor + -ize. Originally “smoke tobacco;” later “convert into vapor” (1803), and “spray with fine mist” (1900). Related: Vaporized; vaporizing.


  1. To convert or be converted into a vapor.

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