1. Law.
    1. everything growing on and covering the land, with the exception of trees.
    2. any such covering, as grass or wheat.
  2. Archaic.
    1. clothing; garments.
    2. something that covers like a garment; covering.

verb (used with object), ves·tured, ves·tur·ing.

  1. Archaic. to clothe or cover.


  1. archaic a garment or something that seems like a garmenta vesture of cloud
  2. law
    1. everything except trees that grows on the land
    2. a product of the land, such as grass, wheat, etc


  1. (tr) archaic to clothe

c.1300, from Anglo-French and Old French vesture, from Vulgar Latin *vestitura “vestments, clothing,” from Latin vestivus, past participle of vestire “to clothe” (see wear).

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