1. a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place.
  2. a passage through air or space, as a flight in an airplane or space vehicle.
  3. a journey or expedition from one place to another by land.
  4. Often voyages. journeys or travels as the subject of a written account, or the account itself: the voyages of Marco Polo.
  5. Obsolete. an enterprise or undertaking.

verb (used without object), voy·aged, voy·ag·ing.

  1. to make or take a voyage; travel; journey.

verb (used with object), voy·aged, voy·ag·ing.

  1. to traverse by a voyage: to voyage the seven seas.


  1. a journey, travel, or passage, esp one to a distant land or by sea or air
  2. obsolete an ambitious project


  1. to travel over or traverse (something)we will voyage to Africa

late 15c., from voyage (n.). Related: Voyaged; voyaging.


c.1300, from Old French veiage “travel, journey,” from Late Latin viaticum “a journey” (in classical Latin “provisions for a journey”), noun use of neuter of viaticus “of or for a journey,” from via “road, journey, travel.”

see maiden voyage.

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