well-formed [wel-fawrmd] Word Origin adjective

  1. rightly or pleasingly formed: a well-formed contour.
  2. Linguistics. (of an utterance) conforming to the rules of a language; grammatical (opposed to ill-formed).

Origin of well-formed First recorded in 1510–20 Related formswell-form·ed·ness [wel-fawr-mid-nis, -fawrmd-] /ˈwɛlˈfɔr mɪd nɪs, -ˈfɔrmd-/, noun British Dictionary definitions for well-formedness well-formed adjective

  1. logic linguistics (of a formula, expression, etc) constructed in accordance with the syntactic rules of a particular system; grammatically correct

Derived Formswell-formedness, noun

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