well-groomed [wel-groomd, -groo md] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for well-groomed on Thesaurus.com adjective

  1. having the hair, skin, etc., well cared for; well-dressed, clean, and neat: a well-groomed young man.
  2. (of an animal) tended, cleaned, combed, etc., with great care.
  3. carefully cared for; neat; tidy: a well-groomed lawn.

Origin of well-groomed First recorded in 1885–90 Related Words for well-groomed dapper, clean, impeccable, neat, shipshape, spruce, trim Examples from the Web for well-groomed Contemporary Examples of well-groomed

  • They easily blended in among the aging hippies, well-groomed yuppies, and Hollywood actors.

    Whitey Bulger’s Wily Girl

    Christine Pelisek

    June 27, 2011

  • Another palace picture showed the well-groomed little Mohamed a few years later talking on the phone as if playing president.

    Hosni Mubarak’s Final Tragedy

    Christopher Dickey

    February 13, 2011

  • In the family box in front of the TV cameras, the Palins were assembled, looking inhumanly gorgeous and well-groomed.

    The Palin Girls Don’t Share

    Meghan McCain

    September 17, 2010

  • Historical Examples of well-groomed

  • One should always have the appearance of being “well-groomed.”

    The Etiquette of To-day

    Edith B. Ordway

  • Surely he could find some sort of a job on that long, well-groomed street.

    A Son of the City

    Herman Gastrell Seely

  • Her hair, under a white knitted cap, was smooth and well-groomed.

    The Mutiny of the Elsinore

    Jack London

  • She glanced at her companion: a clean-looking, well-groomed, well-dressed youth.

    Tommy and Co.

    Jerome K. Jerome

  • He was as neat and well-groomed as in the old New York days, but how differently was he clad!

    Strictly Business

    O. Henry

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-groomed well-groomed adjective (well groomed when postpositive)

    1. (of a person) having a tidy pleasing appearance
    2. kept tidy and neata well-groomed garden
    3. (of an animal) well turned out and tendeda well-groomed horse

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