well-ordered [wel-awr-derd] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for well-ordered on Thesaurus.com adjective

  1. arranged, planned, or occurring in a desirable way, sequence, etc.

Origin of well-ordered First recorded in 1600–10 Related Words for well-ordered precise, efficient, organized, standardized, methodical, orderly, snug, sleek, well-kept, matter-of-fact, diligent, purposeful, thorough, practical, earnest, serious, expeditious, disciplined, trim, spruce Examples from the Web for well-ordered Contemporary Examples of well-ordered

  • The past suddenly barged into my well-ordered American life and seemed more urgent than the present.

    In Syria, Europe & Boston, the Past Is Never Finished

    Kati Marton

    May 11, 2013

  • Historical Examples of well-ordered

  • Yes, he said, that is what will happen in a well-ordered State.

    The Republic


  • But, I said, a temperate state will be a well-ordered state.



  • In this nice, well-ordered age I’m a killer and everybody knows it.

    Measure for a Loner

    James Judson Harmon

  • At noon the scene presented the appearance of an immense but well-ordered fair.


    Benjamin Disraeli

  • It comes, I have no doubt, to every well-ordered man to be in love once.

    The Romance of an Old Fool

    Roswell Field

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-ordered well-ordered adjective

    1. logic maths (of a relation) having the property that every nonempty subset of its field has a least member under the relation: less than is well-ordered on the natural numbers but not on the reals, since an open set has no least member

    Word Origin and History for well-ordered adj.

    c.1600, from well (adv.) + past participle of order.

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