well-padded adjective

  1. (well padded when postpositive) (of a person) corpulent; portly; fat

Related Words for well-padded obese, portly, burly, fleshy, corpulent, pudgy, stout, beefy, meaty, plump, blimp, bulky, fat, gross, heavy, hefty, husky, large, lusty, overblown Examples from the Web for well-padded Contemporary Examples of well-padded

  • They just want to save their own well-padded civil-servant butts.

    The Bag Lady Papers, Part V

    Alexandra Penney

    February 5, 2009

  • Historical Examples of well-padded

  • It was not just a gentle tap with a soft,p. 15 well-padded paw.

    The Tale of Miss Kitty Cat

    Arthur Scott Bailey

  • These stoves consist of a wooden box, lined with well-padded felt.

    Household Administration


  • He nodded, leaning back against the well-padded cushions with an air of finding unwonted ease.

    The Intrusions of Peggy

    Anthony Hope

  • The first-class carriages are roomy and well-padded, so that short travelling, except for invalids, is comfortable enough.

    Romantic Spain

    John Augustus O’Shea

  • There is a well-padded mat, and if the wrestlers stand up first they are stripped.


    Alexandra G. Lockwine

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