well-practised adjective (well practised when postpositive)

  1. having or having been habitually or frequently practised in order to improve skill or quality

Examples from the Web for well-practised Historical Examples of well-practised

  • The well-practised Jamie Shea is an exceptionally chilling sight.

    After the Rain

    Sam Vaknin

  • With well-practised tact he darted into a tobacconist’s shop.

    The Husbands of Edith

    George Barr McCutcheon

  • Then she stood in front of him and her lips trembled, although her well-practised smile curled up the corners of her mouth.

    The Sins of the Children

    Cosmo Hamilton

  • This once done, however, the well-practised crew urged the barge slowly but steadily ahead.

    The Two Admirals

    J. Fenimore Cooper

  • A well-practised pointer was about to leap over a rail, when she perceived a nest of partridges close to her nose.

    Stories of Animal Sagacity

    W.H.G. Kingston

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