well-tempered adjective (well tempered when postpositive)

  1. (of a musical scale or instrument) conforming to the system of equal temperamentSee temperament (def. 4)

Examples from the Web for well-tempered Historical Examples of well-tempered

  • On the contrary, the Well-tempered Clavichord grows younger with time.

    Old Fogy

    James Huneker

  • The Sajous are well-tempered creatures, and easily domesticated.

    Quadrupeds, What They Are and Where Found

    Mayne Reid

  • Well, they make bayonets there now, just as sharp and just as well-tempered.

    George Brown

    John Lewis

  • I could, with well-tempered steel, cut asunder a seven-times-folded piece of silk at one blow without fraying out a thread.


    Marie Corelli

  • It was forged of some bluish metal that seemed as strong and flexible as well-tempered steel.

    The Golden Amazons of Venus

    John Murray Reynolds

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