well-thumbed adjective

  1. (well thumbed when postpositive) (of a copy of a book) having the pages marked from frequent turning

Examples from the Web for well-thumbed Contemporary Examples of well-thumbed

  • He opens the briefcase to reveal hundreds of well-thumbed sheets of paper filled with typewritten words.

    The Stacks: The True Greatness of Muhammad Ali

    Peter Richmond

    February 23, 2014

  • His well-thumbed copy of Herodotus, with its intriguing mementos inside, underscores the historic context.

    Best Films From Books

    Jane Ciabattari

    May 24, 2011

  • Historical Examples of well-thumbed

  • Stella was there now, with a well-thumbed copy of “Pride and Prejudice” in her hand.

    The First Violin

    Jessie Fothergill

  • Gaspare ran for the candles while Salvatore got the cards, well-thumbed and dirty.

    The Call of the Blood

    Robert Smythe Hichens

  • Walter Scott is there, and rows of well-thumbed volumes of Henty.

    The Quiver 3/1900


  • Hark back to your well-thumbed Lavengro and you will find, if you do not remember, his reasons.

    Tommy Wideawake

    H. H. Bashford

  • It opened at a well-thumbed spot and she tore a leaf from the binding.

    The Bail Jumper

    Robert J. C. Stead

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