wellaway [wel-uh-wey] Word Origin interjection Archaic.

  1. (used to express sorrow.)

Also well·a·day [wel-uh-dey] /ˈwɛl əˈdeɪ/. Origin of wellaway before 900; Middle English we(i)lawei, Old English weilāwei (wei Scandinavian; compare Old Norse vei woe), replacing Old English wā lā wā woe! lo! woe! British Dictionary definitions for welladay wellaway interjection

  1. archaic woe! alas!

Word Origin for wellaway Old English, from wei lā wei, variant of wā lā wā, literally: woe! lo woe Word Origin and History for welladay wellaway

mid-13c., alteration (by influence of Scandinavian forms) of Old English wa la wa, literally “woe, lo, woe!” from wa “woe” (see woe).

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