Weltanschauung [velt-ahn-shou-oo ng] ExamplesWord Origin noun German.

  1. a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity’s relation to it.

Origin of Weltanschauung literally, world-view Related Words for weltanschauung faith, dogma, profession, tenet, ideology, religion, doctrine, persuasion, outlook, theory, creed, philosophy, culture, view, confession, catechism, conviction, canon, church, cult Examples from the Web for weltanschauung Contemporary Examples of weltanschauung

  • Obamacare is an existential threat to their Weltanschauung, their idea of America?

    Enough Already on HealthCare.gov. Don’t You Remember Medicare Part D?

    Michael Tomasky

    October 29, 2013

  • If you favor Swift, you are embracing a Weltanschauung that says that all of life is a high-school melodrama.

    Battle of the Blondes

    Bryan Curtis

    January 28, 2010

  • Historical Examples of weltanschauung

  • Moritz Carrire, Weltanschauung der Reformationszeit, p. 470.

    Giordano Bruno

    James Lewis McIntyre

  • The reference is to attitudinal response, to Weltanschauung.

    Piper in the Woods

    Philip K. Dick

  • I give the name of ‘radical empiricism’ to my Weltanschauung.

    Essays in Radical Empiricism

    William James

  • For many years past my mind has been growing into a certain type of Weltanschauung.

    Essays in Radical Empiricism

    William James

  • It forms an essential part of the philosophy of life, the Weltanschauung of every patriotic Prussian.

    German Problems and Personalities

    Charles Sarolea

  • British Dictionary definitions for weltanschauung Weltanschauung noun

    1. a comprehensive view or personal philosophy of human life and the universe

    Word Origin for Weltanschauung from Welt world + Anschauung view Word Origin and History for weltanschauung n.

    1868, from German Weltanschauung, from welt “world” (see world) + anschauung “perception” (related to English show).

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