adjective, whit·er, whit·est.

  1. of the color of pure snow, of the margins of this page, etc.; reflecting nearly all the rays of sunlight or a similar light.
  2. light or comparatively light in color.
  3. (of human beings) belonging to a group marked by slight pigmentation of the skin, often of European descent.
  4. for, limited to, or predominantly made up of white people: a white neighborhood.
  5. pallid or pale, as from fear or other strong emotion: white with rage.
  6. silvery, gray, or hoary: white hair.
  7. snowy: a white Christmas.
  8. lacking color; transparent.
  9. (politically) ultraconservative.
  10. blank, as an unoccupied space in printed matter: Fill in the white space below.
  11. Armor. composed entirely of polished steel plates without fabric or other covering; alwite.
  12. wearing white clothing: a white monk.
  13. Older Use: Offensive. decent, honorable, or dependable: That’s mighty white of you.
  14. auspicious or fortunate.
  15. morally pure; innocent.
  16. without malice; harmless: white magic.
  17. (of wines) light-colored or yellowish, as opposed to red.
  18. British. (of coffee) containing milk.

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