willow pattern

willow pattern

willow pattern ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a decorative design in English ceramics, depicting chiefly a willow tree, small bridge, and two birds, derived from Chinese sources and introduced in approximately 1780: often executed in blue and white but sometimes in red and white.

Origin of willow pattern First recorded in 1840–50 Examples from the Web for willow pattern Historical Examples of willow pattern

  • China generally is not at all like the willow-pattern plate.

    Intimate China

    Mrs. Archibald Little

  • Every willow-pattern plate has a better landscape on it than that.

    Household Organization

    Florence Caddy

  • I love its dresser, full of willow-pattern china, and its two big china dogs that face each other on the high mantelpiece.

    Miss Million’s Maid

    Bertha Ruck

  • We were in the very heart of the Willow-Pattern Plate and loath to move for fear of breaking it.

    From Sea to Sea

    Rudyard Kipling

  • It has a three-storied castle with turned-up roofs, as one sees on the willow-pattern plates.

    Alone with the Hairy Ainu

    A. H. Savage Landor

  • British Dictionary definitions for willow pattern willow pattern noun

      1. a pattern incorporating a willow tree, river, bridge, and figures, typically in blue on a white ground, used on pottery and porcelain
      2. (as modifier)a willow-pattern plate

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