1. Sir Angus (Frank John·stone) [jon-stuh n, -suh n] /ˈdʒɒn stən, -sən/, 1913–91, English writer.
  2. August,1945-2005, U.S. playwright.
  3. Charles Thom·son Rees [tom-suh n-rees] /ˈtɒm sən ris/, 1869–1959, Scottish physicist: Nobel prize 1927.
  4. Edith Bolling (Galt),1872–1961, U.S. First Lady 1915–21 (second wife of Woodrow Wilson).
  5. Edmund,1895–1972, U.S. literary and social critic.
  6. Ellen Louise Axson,1860–1914, U.S. First Lady 1913–14 (first wife of Woodrow Wilson).
  7. Harriet,1825–1900, U.S. novelist: first African American woman to publish a novel.
  8. HenryJeremiah Jones Colbath or Colbaith, 1812–75, U.S. politician: vice president of the U.S. 1873–75.
  9. James,1742–98, U.S. jurist, born in Scotland: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1789–98.
  10. Sir (James) Harold,1916–95, British statesman: prime minister 1964–70, 1974–76.
  11. JohnChristopher North, 1785–1854, Scottish poet, journalist, and critic.
  12. Lanford [lan-ferd] /ˈlæn fərd/, 1937–2011, U.S. playwright.
  13. Robert W(oodrow),born 1936, U.S. radio astronomer: Nobel Prize in physics 1978.
  14. Sloan,1920–2003, U.S. journalist and novelist.
  15. (Thomas) Woodrow,1856–1924, 28th president of the U.S. 1913–21: Nobel Peace Prize 1919.
  16. Mount, a mountain in SW California, near Pasadena: observatory. 5710 feet (1740 meters).
  17. a city in E North Carolina.
  18. a male given name.

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