wind harp

wind harp

wind harp [wind] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. aeolian harp.

Origin of wind harp First recorded in 1805–15 Examples from the Web for wind harp Historical Examples of wind harp

  • She is as soft-spoken as a wind-harp swinging in an abbey door.

    The Prairie Child

    Arthur Stringer

  • He gave his hand to Mela, and said, in his wind-harp stop, “Good-bye.”

    The March Family Trilogy, Complete

    William Dean Howells

  • The stress and wild, uncertain melody of his poetry is like that of the wind-harp.

    The Last Harvest

    John Burroughs

  • The dwarf’s scream was like the weird high note of a wind-harp.

    The Lady of Fort St. John

    Mary Hartwell Catherwood

  • Had he bungled in giving her a garment where De Courtenay had played on a wind-harp in giving her a little red flower?

    The Maid of the Whispering Hills

    Vingie E. Roe

  • British Dictionary definitions for wind harp wind harp noun

    1. a less common name for aeolian harp

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